Kalyn Culler Cohen, PhD    Founder & Lead Consultant

Kalyn has been consulting with nonprofit executive directors  and small-business managers on strategy and increasing leadership capacity  since 1991. She holds a doctorate in Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has been adjunct faculty at Bainbridge Graduate Institute, where she has taught courses on Business and Social Justice.

In addition to general consulting, Kalyn is nationally known for her  work on the start-up and growth of social-purpose businesses focused on quality jobs in low wage sectors. She has worked with social-purpose businesses in sectors such as health care, childcare, landscaping and eco-cleaning. Following a core set of businesses from start-up into maturity has given Kalyn unusual breadth in a field that is relatively young. She also assists nonprofits in designing efforts to spread or replicate effective programs and has served as an external evaluator on Federal grants.